Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sacrificing Saturdays

Checking in for my weekly update on Sacrificing Saturdays.

I've made it one more week with no cell phone in the car! It's still extremely tempting to use the phone in the car and I've come to admit to myself this will always be a challenge I think.

Only one more full week and then on the 17th it's on to something else challenging. I'm going to be so relieved to not have to get out of my car every time I want to call or text someone - even as a passenger. I feel pretty silly sometimes... I still plan to continue not using the phone while I'm driving, but as a passenger, I think I'll be OK with using the phone again!

What did people do before cell phones? :)

Up next is going to be giving up swearing, I think... That will be so hard for me, I've got the worst potty mouth!

Wish me luck for my last full week!


  1. I also have the worst potty mouth!!! I don't even realize sometimes that I swear!!!

  2. I'm so awful! Rosemary is going to have a potty mouth too unless I do something about it asap!