Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sacrificing Saturdays

Is Lent really over? Yeah, but I came up with an idea for me on Tuesday to keep it going... sort of. Sacrifice Saturday! (I didn't actually decide then to name it this, I just thought to keep giving up unnecessary stuff in my life.)

This year, I gave up chocolate for Lent. It was really, really hard for me to do this. I should start by saying I was never the biggest chocolate fan. Ever. And then I got pregnant. Oh My God was it good! Even after I gave birth in October, my love for chocolate continued. How was I ever going to lose the weight with my love affair with chocolate raging on?

Lent. Lent was my solution. Not only was I going to be a good Catholic girl and give up something I loved, but I was also going to lose weight! Well, maybe.

So Lent arrived and I gave up my love chocolate. Man, did it go by slow! I am so proud to say I didn't really cheat. I once had vanilla ice cream that had a tiny bit of chocolate in it, but I had to have that ice cream or something bad would have happened. So I made it through Lent and I was so pumped I followed through with my goal of no chocolate. I felt great!

Now here's the thing. After Easter, I felt kind of like I was missing something. As stupid as this sounds, I missed giving up chocolate. I suppose since I'm a stay at home Mom now, I actually like having a challenge outside of taking care of Rosemary. Does that sound silly? Who knows, but I missed it.

Well, this week I decided to do something about it. I've decided to continue on with giving something up every 40 days. I figure I can choose things that I are either unhealthy or take up too much of my time and will be good for me to give up for a while.

First up, using the phone in the car. It's been since Thursday, and man is it hard! I don't really have long conversations on the road, but I check my phone ALL. THE. TIME. Seriously, all the time! I knew it was bad before, but now that I don't use it at all, I really notice it. I check my email, all the time. I make short calls to people when I remember random things I need to do, all the time. I play on the phone when I'm a passenger, all the time.

So now, it's over! No more short calls, no more email or text, no more games even as a passenger! Wish me luck! It's been three days, 37 to go!

Next time, I'm thinking swearing (I swear like a sailor). Any other ideas? Maybe one day I can do facebook. Maybe.


  1. Good luck, Christine. You can do it! Wow, I love chocolate and I don't know if I could give it up. Talking on the phone in the car? That is a great thing to give up. I recently watched an Oprah episode about the dangers of that. It is eye opening!


  2. Christine, what a great idea! I too "missed" the sacrifice for Lent but I have not really been able to put two thoughts together and come up with any ideas on what to do about it. So I am going to join you in Sacrifice Saturday! Do you mind if I link back to your blog from mine?
    As I type this my family is gathered to bury our cousin who died last Friday (16yrs old) from a head-on collision with an 18-wheeler and the police think it was because he was using his cellphone..

    From one good Catholic girl to another, blessings to you and your family.

  3. LaVonne - I think I saw a commercial for that episode. It is really dangerous and people don't realize until they're in an accident.

    Sari - Prayers for your family, that's so sad! I'd love if you'd join up! The more the merrier. :) Mine's hard so far, but I'm going great!