Monday, May 3, 2010

New Blog Design is Finished!

You may notice that the blog design is now finished! I'm so extremely happy with it and I love it so, so, so much more than my old one!

I'd love to ask if you notice I forgot to change a link somewhere, or something isn't working, please let me know! I tried to change everything over, especially with my new domain, but I may have missed some.

I'd also love to point out some of my new features. Like my fancy new button you can put on your own blog. :) Can you tell I'm pretty excited about this? Also, I now have a fb page you can "like" as well as easier access to an rss feed where you can also subscribe by email if you'd like. After the excitement of my new blog and new blog domain set in, I'll also be changing my twitter name, so look for that probably next week!

Back to my new blog design...

I can't even begin to thank Julie enough over at Deluxe Designs! Seriously, THANK YOU Julie! I couldn't be happier with my blog!

On top of loving my new blog, she really is the BEST to work with. Julie went above and beyond the call of duty with me - doing what seemed like all these crazy ideas and changing everything (and anything) I wanted. I'm really big on customer service as I feel like even when you have a good product, it can leave a bad taste in your mouth. Well, with Julie, you get a great product and the best customer service ever!

I'm so serious when I say this as I seriously had her do and redo a ton of things just so I could see slight differences. She did them all and was totally sweet about how picky I was. :)

*edited* I also wanted to add how fast and attentive she was in general! We did this all this weekend and she emailed me back really quick on everything. So, she's not only good at this, she's very prompt and efficient!

If you are in need a total blog revamp or even just a new button, header, or anything else, I HIGHLY recommend going with Deluxe Designs. AND, if you tell her I sent you, you get 10% off! She has multiple packages or a la carte services so it's easy for her to accommodate your needs.

You know you need something done with your blog! :) Go NOW!

Thanks again Julie!


  1. Love love love the new layout! Purple is one of my fave colors :-).

  2. It's mine too Ingrid. Great minds think alike! :)

    Did you post on the baptism yet? I'm off to find out! I've been so busy with the blog, it's alread 1:45! Thank goodness for Rosemary napping.

  3. It looks great! I might have to check Delux Designs out for myself :)

  4. You should! She's a bumpie too! :)