Thursday, August 19, 2010

10 Months Today!

I'll be posting more pictures to my 365 blog later this weekend when I finally get caught up!


Ten Months old today! Wow!

This month has got to be the fastest month yet!

I blame this on full Summer mode. :) We've been doing so much lately. We've been out of town several times and I really think those two weeks alone let us fast forward through your 10th month.

This month you're doing more than ever! It's seriously amazing to see the difference.

You still are crawling, determined to continue on with your army crawl. No hands and knees for you! You get all over the house and fast, so I don't think it's slowing you down any! Now on top of crawling you pull up to stand on EVERYTHING! At first it was just me, now anything you crawl to you pull up on. Very scary when you don't hang on! You of course don't think you need to...

You got your first bruise from falling two weeks ago and have continued with new ones just about every other day. :) Let's hope it's not causing any brain damage!!

Besides standing all the time (which is by far your biggest achievement this month) you're just amazingly more and more like a person instead of a baby every day. You love to play and talk and investigate everything! Your personality comes out more all the time. I'm calling it now - I think you're going to be on the shy side. An observer. Quiet. I could so be wrong, but so far you just seem like that's the way you're heading. Very dainty. :)

This month your favorites are still books, your laugh and learn kitchen and home and all electronics still. Add that to the climbing and it keeps Mama busy!

You're in size three diaper now. Mostly size 9 month clothes. The pants are still 6 months shorty. :)

I actually bought you your first real pair of shoes this past week too! You just think they're ok. Harder to crawl and pull up with them on. But you're oh so cute in them!

You have three teeth and I think another one is coming soon! Two bottom front and another right next to your right one. So cute how uneven your smiles are!

You love pancakes and bananas the most. Although you eat pretty much anything we give you still. Little piggy! New nickname among the family is goldfish as we think you'd eat until you burst!

One of the funnier (now that it's passed) phases this month is when you finally started standing in your crib and couldn't get down on your own. It only lasted a week (thank goodness) as I'd lay you down for bed or a nap, you'd get up, figure out you couldn't get down or out, start crying, I'd come get you, lay you down, repeat. Poor thing! It was a rough week for all of us sleeping wise. Too cute though when you finally figured out how to sit.

We lowered your crib all the way down too. Had to after you were such a big girl in there. :)

One of your favorite things this month was finally going on the swings! You LOVED, LOVED, LOVED them! We've gone back since and it's just too cute to watch that face light right up.

I'm sure there' so much more we did and that you've learned this month, but that's all I can remember at the moment.

Another great month past my love! Can't believe only 2 more months until you're one! I just can't believe you're so OLD! Where is my baby going?!

Love you forever,



  1. Seriously, Christine...she couldn't be any darn cuter - she's beautiful!

  2. Thanks lady! Lovely to see you around! I've been so busy this past month I don't think I've stopped by any blogs in forever! This will change soon! Hope you've been having a wonderful Summer!

  3. aww happy 10 months R! ash reached 14 months yesterday. :)

    ~ash's mum

  4. So adorable, happy monthday pretty girl.

  5. Happy 10 months!!! She is adorable and reminds me of Belle. They seem to be on the same paths together and are the same size. Such little peanuts!! And the 9th month flew by, and sadly the 10th month goes even quicker. I can't believe we are in birthday party planning mode here. When did this happen??

  6. What a super cutie! Happy 10 months!

  7. OMG, she is adorable!
    Happy 10 months Rosemary.

  8. Precious! Happy 10 Months!! :)

  9. Happy 10 Months beautiful girl! Keep giving your mommy a run for her money!

  10. She just gets cuter! Happy 10 months!

  11. I also have a baby who just turned 10 months. Such a cute age. Your daughter is Gorgeous by the way. Nice blog:)