Monday, July 19, 2010

9 Months Today!

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To see more of Rosemary's 9 month photos from today, check out my 365 blog.


9 months. Let me repeat that. 9 MONTHS.

Oh my. I can't believe it. You are almost to the point where you have been an outside baby just as long as an inside baby! Pregnancy seemed so long when we were there, and now it seems so long ago. Ka - Razy.

This month has been so fun and I've loved this one more than the one before - of course.

You're crawling around like mad now. Over obstacles and around and around you go.

You love to pull up too. Uh oh. We lowered your crib the next day. You aren't pulling up on everything quite yet, mostly just lowered objects and your favorite stable one seems to be me. This isn't really my favorite phase as you're constantly pulling my shirt down to share with the world. Lets move on to the couch, shall we? :)

Recently you even began standing all on your own! We have to place you there, but you hang on all by yourself.

You went swimming for the first time this month and loved it!

We went to the zoo and you loved... the fountain? Maybe next year it'll be more fun for you.

You're still in 6 month clothing, but that's about to change this weekend. Time for some big girl clothes!

We've also moved you up to size three diapers. Such a big girl! At least to us. Your stats at the doctors today were great! Up to 15lb 6oz. HUGE! I have no idea what I'd do if you were really 22lbs. I think you're a big girl even if everyone else says you're pretty small. Petite. :)

You're still on homemade purees but you LOVE table food. And I mean LOVE. You've tried so many foods, but I think chicken, pancakes and bananas seem to be your favorites. Not that you refuse much, but you seem to get pretty excited over those. You hate cheese. We'll work on that.

You play more and more all the time. You just got some big girl toys like a bead maze and little kitchen that you love to stand on and press the different buttons to make the noises go. You still enjoy books, especially the textures. You love to turn the pages. It's pretty cute. You unfortunately are still pretty obsessed with cords, outlets, vents, remotes, phones, and more recently, my lens cap.

Still only two teeth, but you've been teething bad lately, so I expect more this month. Fingers crossed they start to pop out soon, it seems to make you pretty uncomfortable. Not the easiest on Mom and Dad either.

One of the biggest things this month was that you were Baptised. Wonderful day and I took lots of pictures so you can remember when you're older - lets add in another of course here.

You also had your first Father's Day and first Fourth of July which were also pretty wonderful too. You sure are lucky!

You also got your first official official haircut at a salon. It went... ok. Lets just say it'll grow back. :)

I think that's most of the special moments for you. I love you and I can't wait to share how wonderful month 10 is with you!


  1. She is just so precious! Ah, this entry made me tear up. It's all so breathtaking. What a doll baby she is!

  2. Happy 9 Months Rosemary! I just love our little petite babies :)

  3. Time really flies when you have an infant. Before you know it, you will be planning her first birthday! In another few months she will be walking and your life will never be the same. Congrats!

  4. Happy 9 Months!!! Rosemary and Belle seem to be right in the same area as weight. Belle is wearing 6 month and some 9 month stuff. She was 17lbs at her 9 month appointment. Shu petit little girls! As always she is adorable! I am jealous that she has so much hair and has had a hair cut. Were still trying to grow back the hair we lost the first few months.

  5. Happy Monthday to your pretty girl!

  6. Have a wonderful, happy day, Rosemary! Beautiful girl!

    {Vivian is a petite one too. 13 lb 14 oz at her 7 month, only the 5th percentile. It's good to know she's not the only tiny baby out there!} :)

  7. Happy 9 months pretty girl!

  8. Happy 9 months! She has such pretty hair!

  9. Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments!

  10. Happy 9 months little one! It is so great to see a little girl Bailey's size who is petite! Rosemary and Bailey are the same weight :)! Cute!