Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rosemary is 8 Months Today!

To see more of Rosemary's 8 month pics from today check out my 365 blog.

Dear Rosemary,

Today you are 8 months old my love.

Another month gone, another month I say wow, how did it go so fast!?

You're doing more than ever now.

Getting into trouble every other minute it seems. Crawling all over, chewing on everything you can get those two tiny teeth on. Your favorite seems to be my tables and cords. Wonderful.

You're getting huge too!

Or at least it seems to me. My little baby girl seems to be growing at lightening speed towards a young little lady!

Like every other month so far, this month was the best above all the rest. We have so much fun together now as everday you're showing more and more of your personality. We love to giggle together and it truly is what makes my days wonderful. It seems like every day holds new surprises and experiences. I honestly wish you could remember how great this time in your life is. Guess that's what I'm here for. To let you know what a joy you are and how truly awesome this time of our lives are.

I love watching you learn new things so much - I think that's my favorite part of this month. I love when you realize something new, like the fact that we have a bathroom and you've never been in that room. It's so fun watching your face light up as you realize you can make your way over to check it out yourself. Of course you're only disappointed when Mom grabs you up to set you back 15 feet away again. Sorry girl, it's for your own good. Same thing for all your favorite plugs, cords and outlets. Already living on the edge it seems.

Here's some of the things you're doing as an 8 month old:

- You're crawling now - still just army, but you get anywhere you want in no time at all
- You've had pretty much all the first fruits and veggies and we've slowly started prepping you towards table food
- Still babble a lot - Mama is your favorite! You have started to say Dada a bit more too. :)
- You've learned to press buttons on of your favorite toys, Violet, her paws. So cute!
- Love playing with your toys - especially books! You still love all electronics, but you've moved on to cords and outlets to my displeasure
- Started being a little shy with strangers and other babies
- Love to reach out for me when you get a little uneasy
- Yesterday you stood up all alone (with the help of the chair) for a minute! We're in trouble now!
- Still in size 2 diaper and size 6 month clothes
- Still working on the sippy cup, but you're improving

Thank you for another wonderful month Rosemary.

I love you more every day and I'm so happy I'm lucky enough to be your Mama!


  1. So adorable! happy 8 months!!

  2. That's my favorite part too...watching them learn. Happy day Rosemary!!

    Christine - can you believe how fast time flies? The twins will be a year old in August. I just cannot believe it's been a year :)

  3. Happy 8 months Rosemary! So cute - love her smile!

  4. Aren't these babies just amazing. Happy 8th Monthday, Rosemary!

    Btw, I can't believe she's in a size 2 diaper! Vivian is a skinny minnie, 13 and she's in a size 3! Guess she just has a big bootay. :-D

  5. Happy 8 month Birthday to Rosemary!! Love the onesie. Keeping take those pictures..they are so precious.

  6. She's so adorable - and mine is doing the shy thing, too. It's so darn cute, but at the same time you don't like to encourage it! LOL. It passes 5 year old was super shy at one point. Not so much anymore... ;-)

  7. She is one stinking cute kid. I'm glad to see your doing well. As for me I have to say I wouldn't change a thing, life is grand and I really look forward to everyday. Thanks for stopping by the blog to comment! Talk to ya soon!

  8. I can't believe how quickly they grow! I was rocking Belle back to sleep last night and couldn't believe how big she is getting. She is still a tiny peanut just like Rosemary. We are still in size 2 diapers and 6 months clothes too. I love that picture. She sure loves posing for the camera!

  9. She is soo cute!! Happy 8 months little one!! My little one LOVES cords also...ugh!!

  10. Can't get enough of Rosemary's sweetness! Happy 8! GG is now 11 mo. Where does the time go? Sippy cups are the bane of my existence! Uhhhh!

    Loved that pic of Rosemary and her Daddy for the Father's Day post!

    Each month just gets better and better doesn't it?!