Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baptised in Faith

For lots more photos from her Baptism check out my 365 blog

This past Sunday Rosemary was Baptised!

It was a wonderful day and Rosemary did so well in church and after at the party (for the most part).

Rosemary was baptised at the same church my parents go to and the same church me and my husband were married at a year and a half ago. The mass was at 10AM, so it a very early start for us being that the church is 50 minutes away.

We left the house by 8AM so we had time to stop by my parents and drop off some things and change Rosemary into her gown.

We got to the church around 9:30AM just to be early in case there wasn't pews reserved for us. I was starting to get a bit nervous about Rosemary now as she'd been up since 7:15AM and she's usually taking her morning nap by 9AM. Plus, this was her first time at church and I wasn't quite sure how she'd do with all the people and noise.

Thankfully, Rosemary did perfect during the mass! She fussed a tiny bit at a few points but was fine as long as I was holding her.

I felt a little bad that J and Rosemary's Godparents didn't get to hold her much during it, but they got in a bit of time with her towards the end. Jessica (her Godmother) ended up holding her during the most important part of the Baptism, so that was nice.

After the mass we had small party for Rosemary at my parents house who live five minutes from there. It was really nice except Rosemary was pretty grouchy by this point, so it wasn't much fun for her. I tried to get her to nap, but by the time she finally fell asleep, she only slept for 20 minutes or so. Stubborn girl wanted to be up the whole time for her party!

By the time we headed home around 3PM we were all pooped!!

Rosemary slept for about another half hour on the way home and finally went to bed around 7PM. What a long day for her! Me and my husband were exhausted so I can only imagine how she was feeling with no morning nap and a short cat nap or two in the afternoon.

It was such a special day for us and Rosemary was absolutely beautiful in her gown. :)

I'm so happy my entire family could be there for her special day and I'm glad Rosemary is finally officially part of the church too!

I was honestly surprised by how proud and happy I was of/for her as she was getting baptised. I almost cried! I realized then I am so going to be the Mom that cries at every single event in my daughters life.


  1. Ahhh, she is adorable! Happy baptism little one! I have pictures of me when I was younger in my little white dress!

  2. she looks beautiful in that gown and love her matching headband too! i was fretting over how ash would act without any naps for his party in the evening and he did quite well like rosemary. bless these babies. :)

    ~ash's mum

  3. She looks precious! And I'm so glad that the whole day went well! Happy Baptism :)

  4. Congrats on her baptism! It is hard for them, there is so much going on...they are all off schedule. You can't plain them for getting a little grouchy :) She looks beautiful in her gown.

  5. she is a doll! Congrats on her baptism and what a beautiful gown. Thanks for sharing this, its so spiritually beautiful!


  6. She is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations! What a big moment for her and you and your husband

    Belle was Baptized just a few weeks ago. I fought back tears during the ceremony. Belle didn't nap much at all either. We had the party back at our house and she fell asleep on the way home. I was able to put her in her crib where she napped for about a half hour. She wanted to be up for her party too.

  7. She was absolutely beautiful in her gown! Don't be ashamed to cry...this is coming from the mommy that still cries when Potato gets his shots and after each new word.