Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekly Review

So I just realized I never did a weekly review yesterday, so I'm going to add a quick one in just to fill you in on my great, but busy week.

Monday - we had an awesome play date for Rosemary! It was so fun and I'm hoping to go to another one soon. I met some really nice new women, and hopefully it works out I may even begin a Mommy and Baby Yoga class with them. I still have to look into it. There were several cute pictures posted on facebook, but I can only post this one as I'm not sure how the other Moms are with posting their children on the internet. Both of us had a great time!

Tuesday - we spent the day doing errands and then one of my close friends, Erin, came over. She's in an advanced Nursing program, so we hardly get to see her these days and that was a great treat. We ended the night with Tacos and a couple Margaritas!

Wednesday - we had Rosemary's baby group for a couple hours and then we lounged around the rest of the day until my husband got home and then I went out to dinner with my good friend Jen. Oh, and Rosemary tried Zucchini today! She ate it up per usual of course. :)

Thursday - Rosemary, my Mom, Sister and I went to the International Women's Show and that was nice just for visiting purposes. I personally find the show kind of pointless, but my mom likes it, so we usually go every year. It was sort of a nightmare with Rosemary as there wasn't a good place to feed her (and I SUCK at nursing in public) and it was warm and noisy which meant a bit of fussing for her at times. I don't blame her at all! Overall, it was fun, but just tiring. This picture is of us all after, we were pooped!

Friday - I can't even tell you what we did Friday! Relaxed during the day? I know me and my husband watched a movie, and then had the rest of the margarita mix at night. Not that much, just a couple more each.

Saturday - Filled with errands and cleaning. Oh, and we had a nice surprise visit from my parents and brother Kevin. My Dad was missing her since we usually head that way and didn't this week so they stopped by for a little while. This was really nice as they live 45 minutes away and don't make the trip out to me all to often. I'm not complaining here, it was just nice.

Oh, and also my extremely mean husband kicked my baby out of the bedroom! Ok, not really. He brought her pack n play out into the living room. I'm still sad about this and not sure if I'm going to keep it out there yet. He also put away her swing and bouncer. It's just so sad. :( I know she hardly ever used them anymore, but still. Can you tell I'm totally pouting about him doing this? I am. I'm just not ready for my little baby to be a big baby yet. As if keeping this stuff around was going to hold her back...

Sunday - More errands, cleaning and then relaxing at night.

A portion of the weekend for me was also spent on the computer with Julie trying to fix up the blog. I'm still so excited about how it turned out!

As you can see, a busy, but really nice week! I loved that we got out a lot. Weeks like this are awesome for a stay at home Mom! I even saw friends! TWICE. Very rare!


  1. It was so good to see you on Thursday. I think the show is kind of blah now too these days since Kroger started hosting it. It was sooo much better with Meijer (way more samples). We go for something to do. :)

    PS I'm the same way with the baby stuff going away. LOL

  2. Aw! Love Rosemary in that red outfit with the little bow. I just want to nom her cheeks.

  3. Sounds like a great week! Rosemary is just so cute! And what a nice surprise to have your family drop in! :) Oh, and margaritas are my favorite! LOL

  4. It was nice to see you too Taryn! Can't wait for a play date soon! Yeah, that show was a lot better with all the free food. I did manage to have like three pieces of cake though...

    Thanks ladies. I think she's pretty cute too. I also LOVE margaritas. Don't get to have them quite as often any more.

  5. Sounds like a great week.
    Where is there a Mom and Baby yoga class in metro detroit? That sounds like something Elle and I would love and I have been trying to find one!
    My hubby is about to kick our baby out of the bedroom too...I guess 6 months is a good cut off, but I love her so close!