Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekly Review - A Lame One

So I'm sick. Sore throat, nasty headache, sneezing, yucky sick. :(

So that's kind of put posting on my back burner the past few days. Hopefully I feel better soon and when I do I've got a couple more reviews and giveaways for everyone.

The past week was ok from what I can remember (I've got that foggy memory thing going on currently). The exciting news was Rosemary got her second tooth! Other than that it was filled with the usual running around, but add me not feeling well since Thursday to that.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon and can add a real post. Sorry for the lame weekly review. :(

Oh, and we'll add my Sacrificing Saturday post into this as well. No cheating this week. Only a day or two left and then I can finally use my phone in the car again! I've already come up with a great strategy for quitting swearing. That starts on Tuesday (I think) so wish me luck on that! I'm hoping I can get my husband to quit too even though he doesn't swear nearly as much as I do. I'll post more about the quitting swearing next weekend when I'm feeling better.


  1. Hope you get better real soon!

  2. Feel better!

    I'm curious about the quit swearing technique you'll be using. Not that I NEED it but....ah em....don't we all? LOL

  3. Hey I hope you feel better soon! It is so hard to be sick with a little munchkin around! Hope you get the rest you need!!

    Mama Hen