Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Taffy Box "Blessed" Locket Winner

I used this morning and out of 107, number 86 was picked!

86. Visione Bella said...
I tweeted on May 1:

Upon checking her entries, she wrote in an earlier response that, ironically, she'd written about Koryn just the day before! Check out her blog here to read a little more information.

Here's a great link to read more of Koryn's story and how we can all take measurements to prevent finding Breast Cancer too late. This is so important, especially for us woman! Please make sure you're doing all you can to find this awful disease.

I've mentioned in passing a few times, my Mother has Cancer. It started off as Colon and has spread to at least the Lungs, Liver and only God knows where else. If only we'd found it sooner. If only, if only, if only. Ugh. Who knows how she'd be doing today. Maybe she wouldn't need round after round of chemotherapy (aka - evil poison).

I'm not saying this to make you feel bad for me or her, I'm saying it to SCARE YOU. It can happen to any of us and at any age in life. Please make sure you're doing any preventative measures you can like breast exams and colonoscopies. They can (and have) saved lives!

I truly wish you could all win this necklace, but for the rest of you, don't forget to shop at Koryn's stores Mothers Precious Gems and The Taffy Box (I believe The Taffy Box is closed currently, but should be opening up soon after Mothers Day). Proceeds from all her sales go to helping Cancer somehow. (I believe different product proceeds go to different causes?)

Thanks everyone for entering and congratulations to the winner!! I'll be emailing her and then she has 48 hours to respond and if I hear nothing back, I'll select a new winner.


  1. Eep!!! I can't believe I actually WON!!!!! I just came to check out the blog today and to see who won, thinking, "well it probably wasn't me. Oh well," and it WAS me!!! I'm so excited! :-D

    Koryn is such a rock star. I got to meet her at a fundraiser I was doing for the AVON Walk this past weekend and she was there, and sat down and told me her story. My blog post was what came out of that. I went in to sell my purses ( so I could give a portion of my proceeds, and left giving a $100 donation (YAY!!!!!) with my life changed. :-D

  2. Congratulations! I sent your info to her, so hopefully I'll here back soon!