Wednesday, May 19, 2010

7 Months Today!

To see more of Rosemary's photos from today, check out my 365 blog.


Seven Months. Wow. Sometimes I still can't even believe you're here and you're mine. Seems like just yesterday I was finding out I was expecting you, then learning you were going to be a she (one year ago yesterday) and fixing your nursery just right. Is it really possible it's been seven whole months since I've been pregnant? A year since I learned you were a girl? Which, by the way, I knew.

I think about all of the things still to come and it makes me a little scared to be honest. Right now I just have to keep you safe and love you. As you grow, I have to do that, and also teach you how to be a wonderful person. I have to teach you right from wrong, how to love, how to forgive, how to count, how to do everything! You can see how this would be overwhelming for a Mom!

Thank God I have your Dad to help. :)

I hope I can teach you the best way to do all these things and more. I know it's only going to get harder, but I know it's only going to get more rewarding too.

When I was clipping your nails today, I thought back at how intimidated I was the first time I did it. I put it off until you were about two months old I think, as I was just so nervous I'd cut you. Then of course I snipped your finger and made you bleed when I finally did. How awful I felt, and how I swore I'd never get up the courage to clip your nails again.!

Well, I did, and now when I clip your nails, I finish all your fingers and toes in about two minutes. Your Mom, the old nail pro. :)

It reminded me of how intimidated I still am about our future together. How I don't want to hurt you and how I want only the best for you. I know I'm going to make mistakes, but I promise, with practice, I'll learn from them and from you. I can't wait for the new things to come because as much as I'm sad to see the past go by, I'm so excited for all the wonderful things our future has in store.

Every month I'm saddened that you're getting older, yet every month I love you more and more. I think how much more fun this month was than the last. Funny how that is.

I want the past to stay the present, but I want the future too.

I want it all with you.

Some of the things you've learned and perfected this month:

- You roll all over the place - baby proofing is in action!
- You got your first two teeth
- You've finished all your veggies and started fruits
- You play more and more with toys and books
- You say Mama all the time with an occasional Dada - as well as plenty of other sounds
- You're a professional sitter now
- You LOVE other babies now
- You play with Lucy and grab her more than ever
- You got your first cold. From your loving Mother. :(

Rosemary, I love you so much and I can't wait to see what month seven has in store!


  1. This post brings me to tears it's so sweet! I understand exactly what you mean.

  2. Such a perfect letter - you hit how I feel about Sugar Plum growing up perfectly! I want time to stop in so many ways and at the same time I look forward to the future and seeing all the new things she experiences. And just trying to live up to being her mom. Little Rosemary is beautiful as ever - I love the tired picture! I am seriously considering starting a 365 blog on Sugar Plums 6 month birthday - just worried that I wont follow through if I do it, but yours of Rosemary is so awesome - I feel like I should give it a shot.

  3. Happy 7 month birthday!!!! Wow! It seems like just yesterday that Little Chick was a little baby. It is great that you have all these memories recorded in your blog!

    Mama Hen

  4. Happy 7 months!! I totally hear you on accidentally snipping, I did this when my daughter was young, I felt awful, but the nails grow too quick and since then it has been good :)

  5. When I first started clipping my son's nails, I used to sing to him to help distract him. "The Muffin Man" & "I've Been Working on the Railroad" were big hits. He's 10 now and clipping his own nails, but whenever I do mine, I still hum those songs in my head.

    I love the name Rosemary. It's so old fashioned and sweet---and I really like how she has the "thumbs up" sign in the picture!

  6. ugh, you just brought me to tears! I think this is awesome you write her letters and I know someday when she is older and can read them for herself she will know just how much love you have for her and she will cherish these letters for the rest of her life.

  7. I love posts like these! She's so cute and I love her name!

  8. Thanks for stopping by! Your baby is ADORABLE!

  9. Oh my gosh, doesn't time fly??! I'm so sorry...I thought I had already re-followed you here at your new place, but I guess I hadn't! I am now...

    These are my favorite types of posts and I know our kids will appreciate them when they get older. My little ones still only say dada (what's up with that?.

    I love that you write directly to precious :)

  10. Your daughter is so sweet. Chubby cheeks!

    As much as it's exciting to see your little one grow and grow, take as much time with this age as you can. Their so sweet and nice now..

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following also dear.

  11. Happy 7 Months! The picture is SO sweet!

  12. your blog is toooooo cute! i just love those cheeks on your little one... i am your newest follower!

  13. i love this post! and Rosemary, of course! :) i can't believe how quickly our babies are growing! the other day, i realized that Joshua has been an "outside baby" for longer than he was an inside baby. it's crazy!

  14. That's so sweet. Isn't it amazing how fast everything changes? Also, it's sad. I'm right there with you on the the fingernails thing. I was terrible at it at first. I really think babies shouldn't grow nails until they are old enough to clip 'em themselves! :)
    PS. She's adorable.

  15. I have an award for you. Please stop by my blog to receive it.

  16. Our baby girls are two days apart! We also have a cat named Lucy, and she looooves her!

  17. Happy 7 months! She is soo cute!

  18. What a beautiful post to your daughter!

  19. Thank you so much for all the beautiful comments everyone! I really appreciate it!! :)