Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spilled Milk

When I'm done pumping, there's always what seems like a few drops of milk left behind in my breast pump shield. Well, I hate to waste (yeah, even a few drops of this stuff is valuable to me) so I like to tip it back a bit to get the drops to go into the bottle.

Well, it NEVER fails that I end up spilling about 10 times as much as what was left all over my pump and my lap. Ugh. Why do I continue to try for the last drops of liquid gold when I KNOW it's going to end up wasting so much more??

Please tell me I'm not the only foolish Mom to do this?


  1. You are NOT the only one. Oh how I miss those sweet moments..and you are right, breast milk IS liquid gold so get every little drop that you can.

    Thank you so much for your comments. I think the same- we could sit down and talk and talk and laugh. Is it bad that I just think of you as a friend instead of you know " a person on the internet"? :)
    and thank you for telling me about your brother. I would love to hear more about him - I hope he is doing well. I relish in others wanting to share experiences and advise on what has worked for them. I always have room to learn so please do not hesitate.

    Oh C, my heart has been breaking for them too. Each time I turn around God seems to be giving me the same lesson: life is precious and short. Love and live every moment.

    here is a link to Joany's blog : http://abandcsmom.blogspot.com/

    BTW, Chloe came home yesterday :)

    have a great day!

  2. LOL. I do the same thing when I pump.

  3. I don't pump anymore, but I remember feeling like that!

  4. story of my life right there.

  5. I'm not pumping anymore, but when I did, I would do anything to save the liquid gold. Can't tell you how many times I've done EXACTLY what you described! Sounds like it's a pretty common occurance :)

  6. I had to pump w/ my preemie. Always such a hassle to get any milk, whatever did come out I wanted to save...after all that my daughter never even took to it.

  7. NOT the only one. It took almost two weeks for my milk to come in at all with my first one. Every drop counted. I remember being in the car with my husband pumping and somehow we hit a bump or something and it all went flying. My husband giggled and I about blew a gasket. It's amazing the power of a mama when we want our babies to have breastmilk!

  8. LOL!!! I'm so glad I read this b/c that totally happened to me too!!! Pissed me off everytime too! :o)

  9. Sorry I'm so late responding everyone!

    Sari - so glad about your doggy!! Fix your comments woman!

    I'm so glad I'm not the only lady who does this just to save a few drops! I've been better about it lately, reminding myself of the ineveitable loss of more than I'm saving. :)