Friday, April 30, 2010

I Changed My Blog Domain!!

It now matches my blog name - A Mama Stork Knows. If you have me bookmarked or on your blogroll, please make the switch!!

On a sad, sad note, I lost all of my comment love!! UGH. Which means if you entered my current giveaways, your comments are gone! I am so sorry for the inconvenience, but if you can, PLEASE RE ENTER!

I also had to change my blogfrog community, so I'm not sure if you'll have to re add me there or not. It looks like I still have my members, so hopefully that is still good.

The comment thing really stinks, but I'm excited to have a matching blog and address!

**Update** Comments are back! Woo Hoo!! No need to re enter the giveaways afterall.


  1. You can import posts AND comments. ;)

    Old blog: Settings -> Basic -> Export Blog-> Save

    New blog: Settings -> Basic -> Import Blog -> Browse for saved file

  2. Oh, nevermind...I was thinking it was a whole new blog.

    Not sure why you lost comments, you shouldn't have. I never did the few times my address changed.

  3. Thanks Barb! They actaully showed up! I should never have touched anything without looking into it more, I learned my lesson for next time!