Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Day with Tears and Rolls

So my husband has been off work all week and we've been running around like mad trying to get all the things done we want to get accomplished. Well, all the things he wants to get accomplished anyway. I would be perfectly fine resting and playing on the computer while he watches the baby. This is a total dream when dealing with my very lovable, but very unlazy husband.

Well, today was cleaning and organizing day. He cleaned while I dragged myself into the nursery to do what I've been dreading for awhile. Packing away all of R’s old clothes and bringing out the new batch. The actual process is not what I had been avoiding; it was what the process meant.

My newborn baby girl was officially no longer a newborn baby girl.

I know, I know, she's five and a half months old. She needs to be growing and out of those clothes. I really want her to be healthy and grow of course, but it's just that I'm not actually mentally prepared for this to happen. She's my baby and I JUST had her, right? Wrong. I didn't just have her; it just feels like that to me.

So I'm cutting all the tags off of her new clothes, which are SO pretty by the way, and I'm doing fine. Better than expected. I load the washer and I'm good to move on to the packing. Now this I had a bit of trouble with. All I could think about is how she'll never wear those clothes again. All the wonderful memories I had of her in them. All the cute photos and trips and everything we did and she was wearing her little clothes. What if no one ever wore those tiny, adorable clothes again? That's when the tears came. That's when I called down to my husband that we were having another baby asap.

I'm actually pretty proud to say I only cried a tiny bit. I know they're only clothes and that really don't matter. I just had to remind myself that we were going to do so many new things, better things, in her new clothes. Clothes made for big girls who could sit, who could roll over, and who could eventually walk. It took a bit of convincing from my husband (and a 20 minute conversation where I made him agree to three or four children), but I finally packaged up all her 3 month clothes, even the ones that fit just fine. Looks like Mommy is a big girl too.

Now here's the exciting news of the day. R rolled over from back to front! I of course missed it. I left her in the living room to go organize her drawers, and as I left I saw her Winkel roll away. When I returned a few minutes later, she was on her tummy! I was so bummed I missed it, but so excited that she finally did it. I've been trying for weeks to get her to roll over, but she's been having trouble getting over her speed bump, aka arm. Looks like I just need to have her toys roll away and leave the room. Guess I need to set up the camcorder!

Here's R right after she rolled over. Very happy about her success!


  1. I can so relate to those emotions of putting the baby clothes away. With 3 girls, our clothes have gotten a lot of wear, thankfully. ;0) It's still hard with each of them to know that they've moved beyond a certain stage, even though it's part of the journey. I love newborns, so that's always a difficult time for me to transition out of. Now with my third, I know she's going to be my last so it's even harder! I'm also having a hard time with packing away the maternity clothes, knowing I'll never be pregnant again. *sniff*

  2. I am so afraid a tiny baby girl will never where them again. I feel silly, but it's just how I think.

    With three girls, and this being your last, you surely know how I feel! I know I'll be there too oneday, but I get sad just thinking about it. Makes me want to never stop, but that's CRAZY. :)