Monday, April 19, 2010

Cash Giveaway

Want to win 15% of Not Your Mama's Ebay next ebay item? Head over to her blog to get the details!

Giveaway ends 04/21/10


  1. Thanks for listing this, Christine. Sadly no one won the prize - the item sold for $28 and no one guessed that selling price. BUT I had so much fun playing that I'm going to make the giveaway a regular feature on the blog.

    Thank you again!

  2. That's a bummer I forgot to even join in! Next time! :)

    Too bad I'm NO WHERE near small enough to fit in your clothes! lol

  3. I'm nowhere near small enough to fit into some of the clothes I have up myself! A lot of the things I list on eBay are my best pre-pregnancy clothes that no longer fit (and will never fit again!). I'm just now starting to invest in inventory and act as a trading assistant for friends and family so you should expect a wide variety of sizes coming through in the next couple of weeks. The one thing I do try to keep consistent in what I sell is the style and quality of the clothes. I never list things I wouldn't be proud to wear myself.

  4. That yellow dress was really cute as is the new red and orange one!